Addmen QPG software has Eased the Process of Generating Question Papers

Addmen Group has made work a lot easier with the use question paper generator by using QPG software.

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Summary: The Addmen question paper generator software is easy to use and can generate question papers within a few minutes, thus simplifying the process of creating question or test papers.

October 10'2015, Pune, Maharashtra: Addmen's Question Paper Generator (QPG) software is the third module of its OMR software. Although not a part of the OMR technology, this software has become quite popular amongst educationists as it has simplified the process of question paper generation. With this software, one can create different types of question papers quickly.

The QPG software comes with a question bank software where one can store as many questions as one wants. This question bank is created by storing questions in QR or Question Resource files. These QR files are simple word files which cn b created even before buying the QPG software.

The questions are not randomly stored in the question bank. On the other hand, one has to categorize and label them. The process of classifying the questions is also quite easy. The software has a panel where the user can not only categorize the questions using pre-created categories but can also customize the categories. Some of the categories that are available on the software are subject, topic, difficulty level, etc.

As the questions are stored in different categories, it becomes easy to create the question paper. In the question generator panel, the user has to create a blueprint of the question paper. This includes details like subject, topic, total marks, number of questions, etc. Once the blueprint is ready, with just one click, the question paper is generated. The user does not have to go through all the questions to find the right ones. The software selects the questions randomly as per the instructions provided in the blueprint.

The question paper generator software by Addmen is based on a simple process. This software is recommended to all educational institutions like schools, colleges, coaching classes, etc.

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